Friday, 24 October 2008

Look At What I Got !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know when you're out shopping and you just happen by a shop and there's something in the window that really catches your eye and you can hear it calling you "Buy me, buy me now", well that's how it was with this card I saw on Marys Blog - My Cardz. I kept looking at it and going back to look at it when I just had to ask if I could buy it. Well Mary said she hadn't sold a card before but she was happy to let me have it. And here it is. All framed up and ready to hang on my wall next to my desk. If you want to have a look at it close up click here, this'll take you straight to Marys' post about the card. She even sent me some stamped images of the little Bee :), but one things for sure I couldn't possibly make a card as kissably cute as this one.
Take care & keep smiling (I am from ear to ear)


Anonymous said...

You're very welcome! I love the frame you chose...really glad you like the card, and glad it made YOU smile! :)

Nancy said...

What an adorable card and I love the frame, too!

Els G. said...

Wow Ann, this is Beewitching! The card is lovely and framed it looks even more stunning! I swear, I could hear this one calling! lol
How clever of you to contact Mary immediately, instead of regretting forever that someone else passed by that shop just seconds before you did(that's what always happens to me!.
I'm sure it will bring a smile on your face whenever you see it!

Anonymous said...

Ann, Ann, Ann!! :) This is soo funny, I'm afraid people will think we're in "cohoots" together!! Please go to my blog to see who won the blog candy!!! Too funny, I'm happy though, because you are the nicest person in the world!! :)