Tuesday, 1 January 2013

21st Birthday Pirate Ship Card - For my Son

It was my Son Alexander' 21st birthday back in September, but he didn't get to see his card until Christmas Day !!! But as they say "Better late than never" :oD

 I used a template I bought from Sandra's ScrapshopI modified it a bit, but then that's me, I can't help messing :o)
All of the ship is made with very thick card, and all the "wood" was made with Alota rubber stamps "Fence" 
stamp. coloured in with my trusty Derwent coloursoft pencils and the planks were cut and stuck on staggered. The front and the back of the ship and the crows nest are not included with the template, they are of my own design.
The sails and flags are made from printable cotton, the 21 was hand embroidered and the flags were printed on. If your wondering what the flags mean, (the blue with white spot and red spot) they are the international maritime signs for 2 and 1. The canons were made from brads, the anchors were a pair of earrings, hte wheel was bought from a modeler and the rest were from broken bits of jewellery I found. The Waves were sourced from the internet traced over with a waterproof pen and the coloured with Derwents. I think that about covers it, without getting too boring. Have a great new year and Take care & keep smiling :o)
PS. The inside of the ship was filled with 21 shiny new £1 coins.