Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Tutorial for stitched corners

I was asked how I made the stitched corners for the steamer trunk gift box. To do a blow by blow account would be too long and too complicated (for me at least), so I've made a template that you can print out to what ever size you need, and I'll try and keep the instructions as simple as possible...

1. Print out the template to the size you require. (The picture above is 12cm x 12cm)
To find the size you need... If for example you are making a corner for a lid, measure from the corner to the bottom of the lid and then double it, eg if it measures 3cm then print out a circle for 6cm.
2. Cut out the template NOT the line that says cut, fold it into quarters. This is to find the centre of the circle and to make it easier to position on the corner of the box. Along the folded lines cut as shown above. To make sure you have the right size position the template over one of the corners, adjust if needed.
3. Place template on your chosen paper, card etc (I used Tim Holtz grunge paper for my corners) and draw around. Leaving the template in the same position use a needle or piercing tool for the stitch holes.
To do the stitching ...

1. With the card,paper etc facing right way up put the threaded needle UP (from the back) through hole 2 and then back DOWN through hole 1, then UP through hole 3 and back DOWN through hole 2, UP through hole 4, DOWN through hole 3. This will give you a continuous running stitch.
I hope this helps :)

Wooden Christmas light up scene

I bought this wooden Christmas scene two years ago with the intention of livening it up, but didn't get around to it. Well now I have, and while I haven't gone over the top, I do think it looks a lot prettier ...
Before. As it was when bought.

I used Imagination Crafts Detail Sparkle - White Shimmer glitter on the trees and edges of the buildings. Aleene's True Snow on the ground with ultra fine crystal glitter sprinkled on top. Bazzill green card around the base with hessian ribbon and some bits and pieces to embellish.
Take care and keep smiling :)