Friday, 25 October 2019

Art Deco 30th Birthday Card

I remember saying once that Art Deco was too hard to do but now I've got used to it. I've found that the simpler it is the better it looks :)

 The glitter card I got from Laura-Lea on eBay
The silver embossed card, blue silk card and black satin mirri card (used on the cutout figure, yes the figure is all hand cut) and the die for the "30" from Tonic Studios.
The number 30 on the front of the card was hand cut.
Here are the original pictures that inspired the card

Templates for Art Deco 30th Birthday Card

Just in case you would like to have a go at making a card like mine here are the templates I made for it
first the templates for the main body of the card

 and if you don't want to layer here is the full template
these following templates are for the card

Hopefully these should all print out at the same size giving you a fully assembled card that is 16.5cm tall by 14.4cm in width.
I recommend you print out a trial set of templates first to make sure they are all correct if you find any mistakes or I've left something out email me at and I'll put it right.
Take care and keep smiling :)