Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kanreki - Oriental 60th Birthday Card for a man

Did you know that according to the Chinese when you reach your 60th Birthday you enter into your second childhood? It's called Kanreki, so when a friend told me it was her Dads' 60th I decided an Oriental style card using the colour red (very lucky colour according to the Chinese)would be appropriate ...

I used printable accetate for the front window, the stencilled Koi carp (using Dreamweaver black paste and stencil) and for printing the proverb, which reads
At 60 you are reborn. At 70 you are but a child, at 80 you are merely a youth, and at 90 if the ancestors invite you into heaven ask them to wait until you are 100, and then you might consider it.The corner embellishments on the front, inside front and back page sentiment are made with rubber stamped images that are triple heat embossed to give the impression of that lovely laquering the Orientals did on their furniture. The font used is Kudasai. Other embellishments used were black tassels, enamelled beads, large gold brads and a Chinese coin.
Oh and I used faux gold leaf behind the Koi and Proverb.
So until the next project, take care and keep smiling :o)