Monday, 16 December 2013

T'was the night before Christmas card for my Son

Here is the card I made for my son and his girlfriend. I'd had the idea for this card last year but didn't get around to making it, I'm glad I waited as they now have a kitten called Fig, and I coloured the kitten in the House Mouse stamp the same as their kitten ...
 This just might be the first card I've made that actually turned out better than I expected. Hope you liked it too :o)
Take care and keep smiling

Victorian / Vintage Christmas card

Saw these papers by Kaiser Crafts - Turtle Dove Collection  and fell in love with them ...

Take care and keep smiling :o)

Monday, 2 December 2013

Birthday card for my son - Fable the game

Here's another card I found on my card disk that got overlooked, it's a card I made for my son's birthday about 7 years ago, again not the best of cards but again I enjoyed making it. The characters are from a game he liked to play called Fable, I also made him a Christmas card from the same game, that one however did make it onto my blog !!! ...
Take care & keep smiling

Oriental Birthday card for my Dad

I was looking through a disk I have with all the photo's of my cards that I have made over the years and I found this one I made for my Dad, that somehow didn't make it onto my blog. It's not the best of cards, but I remember I enjoyed making it ...

All the pictures were printed on silk and all the texts were printed on fibrous paper. The pink cherry blossoms in the bottom picture I "embroidered", I use the term loosely as sewing is not my forte. And if I remember correctly the pictures in the top two photo's are from a Joanna Sheen disc.
Take care and keep smiling