Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fathers Day Airplane Card !!!

Thought I'd do something different for Fathers Day, and after having seen this airplane in the Magnolia Ink Magazine I couldn't think of anything better. The template is printed in the magazine but I bought the template from the lady who created it, Sandra Strijland

I used a thick card about 350gsm and then covered it with paper. To round the body of the plane without creasing it I would suggest using a small rolling pin or something similar. I also suggest only cutting the pieces out when you need them as you may find that some pieces may need adjusting to make them fit, as I did with the window and wing struts. Have in mind how you want to decorate it and decorate each piece as you make it.
The banner wasn't part of the template. The wheels were made with rubber tap washers and press studs.
My Dad now has it on his dressing table :o)

Thank you for looking and take care and keep smiling :o)