Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tim Holtz Mask - Throw away the negative! I DON'T THINK SO

Right this is just a quick post as I was out in the garden getting rid of an over abundant supply of weeds... Grrrrrrrr. But the postie has just been and in a parcel that had some rather gorgeous papers was a Tim Holtz mask I had ordered. Well, have you seen the size of these things!!! They're HUGE. Had I have known how big these things were I wouldn't have ordered it. Anyway I went on to Tim Holtz's blog to see how to use it, and I'm sat there watching..."Hmmmm I think I'm going to like this" I thought, THEN he said "I just toss this" refering to the negative of the mask. EXCUSE ME, I don't "toss" anything. So I took the negative part and sponged Tim Holtz Antique Linen Distress ink onto the negative. You'll feel ridges (the out line of the mask) and it was inside the ridges that I put the ink. I also used the distress ink as it stays wet for quite a while. Then I ran it through the cuttlebug. The same sandwich as you'd use for Nestabilities - A plate, B plate, Mask Negative (ink side up), card or paper, two layers of scrap card, Spellbinders tan mat and lastly another B plate. I ran it through twice (forward and backward), and here is the result...

I think it looks great for a first attempt and only on printer paper. You also get a slight embossed feel to it, though I don't know how long that would last as the mask is only a thin plastic and not really designed for use in the Cuttlebug. So there you have it and the moral of the story is... don't throw ANYTHING away. And if you have...buy another one :o)
Right back to the weeds.
Take care & keep smiling

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Els G. said...

I totally agree... don't throw away anything. But I guess Tim Holz isn't as clever as we are (or doesn't need to, lol).