Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Little Victorian Snowball Fun

Howdy doody y'all,
Sorry about that appalling American accent, but today when I went into work one of the girls there showed me a "review" of a show I went to see last week at our theatre. It was an amatuer production of "The littlest whorehouse in Texas". IT WAS FABULOUS, it was funny, the singing was superb and the acting was excellent, well it was that good I went to see it twice. But this so called critic did nothing but moan about the scantily clad women and the excess use of swear words when children could have been in the audience!!! Excuse me, but what parent would take their child to see a show with a title like that, and anyway on both the nights I went the youngest people there were probably at least 16-17 and they probably swear a whole lot worse. And as for scantily clad, you see more flesh on the TV. Hmmmph, I think that "critic" should stick to reviewing children's programmes. So all day now I've been singing songs from the show, with the Texan accent, not out loud though, everyone thinks I'm mad enough without proving them right :) But now I've had my moan I'll show you my card...

So here's the list of ingredients from the base up:
1 Mars red Stardream pearlescent card
2 Hessian textured gold paper
3 DP from Artylicious Seasons Greetings CD Rom. This is the first one I printed off for my red Christmas card yesterday, but it wasn't red enough so I saved it and used it for this card. It was printed onto hessian card. I went round the edges with a Krylon Red Shimmer leafing pen, and the berries where coloured in with my Sakura Gellyroll Stardust clear pen
4 The Christmas wishes paper was a free paper I found on the web last year, but this is the first time I've used it. This was mounted onto the same gold hessian paper.
5 The little girl image is from Joanna Sheen's Victorian Christmas CD Rom. Cut with my nestabilities and mounted onto, yes you guessed it gold hessian paper again cut with my petite oval nestabilities.
6 Then to finish off I used - Prima flowers, some leaves I found in my stash (YEAH LEAVES), gold rhinestones, red ribbon and finally the corners where cut from a Cuttlebug die from the same gold hessian paper.
I wasn't quite sure about the little girl image when I first printed it out, I think because of the white background, but now it's all put together it looks quite nice. Right I'm off to go blog hopping.
Take care & keep smiling


Els G. said...

Oh Ann, I just can't stop laughing! I was reading your post about the show, while the song 'stripped' from your playlist was playing! I could have sworn you did in on purpose! lol
Between takes: LOVE your card! It's GORGEOUS! I adore those Victorian styled cards you make. Yeehah! (hope it sounds a bit Texan)

Carolyn Bounds said...

Dag gummit, Miss Ann...You shore do make the purdiest Christmas cards around!!! :o) I luv 'em all...each and ev'ry one of 'em!!!

Okay, enough with the southern accent. It is hard to purposely misspell words based on phonetics. LOL!

I love the show too!!! Actually, you brought to mind one of my most favorite lines from the movie..."I always thought if you see somebody without a smile, give 'em yours!" You know, you epitomize that quote!!! Have a great night!!!


Wildärtan said...

Howdy doody Ann:-D
God - that's beautiful! May I use that as a sketch or cardjack anytime?

Take care and keep smiling!

Raisa said...

I like it, actually I love it! Everything in this card is just perfect.


Anonymous said...

Well, I won't even attempt a southern drawl...I've got enough of a midwestern twang already! This card is a real stunner!! I truly love this really rock at these cards. Well done! :)

Rosella said...

Sorry Ann, can't come up with the Texan accent maself. I should be able to do it as I've heard it quite often. My BIL has it. Don't talk to him that often ya know.
Luv yur card! It's sweet!! And adorable.
Nope, this accent is just not workin' for me! LOL!