Saturday, 18 July 2009

Tea Bag Gift Box Template

All credit is given to Lotti (Stampalotti) for this template, as all the measurements given are the ones she used to make the one she sent me. And the measurements I used to make mine.

Hopefully these scans will print out at the correct size.
Click on scans to see the details - The dotted lines are the score lines. Solid lines are the ones you'll need to cut or punch.

Scan 1. This is the outer case. Cut out with the measurements provided. Now I didn't use a score board, all I used was a very small embossing tool and a ruler, this was because I didn't actually draw the guide lines on my card as I didn't want them showing. I used double sided tape as opposed to glue, this is just my personal choice, you use what ever your comfortable with.

Scan 2. That's the inner case. This is where your tea bag envelopes are going to go. The middle section is what is going to be the top of the box. I've just noticed, where the small shaped cut out pieces are (on the sides) I've put glue or tape, you actually glue or tape ON THE OTHER SIDE. So when you fold it to stick it, these pieces will be inside the box so therefore need adhesive on the other side.

Scan 3. This is the envelopes for the tea bags. You'll need to cut three of these. When you punch the half circles, to make sure they match up fold it along the length ways score line (the one running top to bottom on the left hand side of the photo) You'll notice there are three different coloured measurements. Score the first envelope using the RED measurement, second envelope using the GREEN measurement and of course the third using the last measurement. So why three measurements, that's so they'll nest inside each other nicely. The blue measurements are the over all dimensions.Once you've cut all your pieces this is when you want to decorate them. Once decorated, just assemble.
This doesn't have to be just for tea bags, I made mine to hold chocolates. Looking at it you could alter the measurements to have it hold small photo's, ATC's, whatever you like.If you need more details or something explained just email me.Take care, keep smiling and have fun


Raisa said...

Thanks again Ann, this is great!! I allready started to do this, but don't have tme to finish it right now. I used the translater and was laughing so I was allmost fell of my chair. The translations are the best way to have fun... At least when it's translated to finnish language :)

Raisa said...

Allthoug You seem to have moved to farmingbissness I have something to You in my blog :) Hope to see You back crafting soon.

Nancy said...

Ann, I just found this template - I told you that I'm skipping around your blog. lol Do you happen to have the template for the basket with lid that was in the same gift set? Your gift set is amazing! Thank you for sharing the templates and instructions! :)