Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I see wonderful things...

The title to this post were the words uttered by Howard Carter in 1922 when he first looked into the tomb of Tutankhamun, and they were what I saw when I opened a parcel sent to me by Lotti. This VERY generous lady sent me the parcel as a thank you for the Whiff of Joy stamp kit I sent her. She said she was making something as a thank you, and I presumed she meant a card. Then the parcel came and I said to my Dad "Wow, that's one big card", then I opened it up and was totally lost for words...

Isn't it just lovely. And it's not just the gift.It's the time, effort and thought that went in to it that really makes it so very special. I've only done little photo's so as to fit them all on, so click on them to see the details.
In the first picture you can see some pink and yellow paper, that's a tea bag gift box Lotti did for me to make up myself, it was Lotti's tea bag gift box that inspired my After Eight gift box LOL, well I wasn't to sure if my friend would drink herbal tea, but I do know she likes chocolate and I always have a box of After Eights on my desk so there was my excuse for making one :o)
In the next picture is a fabulous little organizer (well that's what I call it), made from matchboxes and coasters, how cool is that :o) and she put all those little bits and pieces in. I've already used one of the little handbag charms, they're so cute.
In the third (that's my son's thumb, bless him) and fourth photo's she's made a folder with stamped images in, and let me tell you there are TONS of them, it must have took her aaaages to do all those. I really like the way she's used envelopes as the pockets, very ingenius. In the fourth phot is a small sample of the stamped images she sent, and I have to say I LOVE the little Pan stamp, and I had to show the one of the Stamp Shop.
Then next of course is the Tea bag gift box, I think maybe this is my favourite :o) I don't know why, I just think it's fabulous.
And lastly Lotti also put in three of the loveliest clear stamps, and here they are stamped up ready to go into my Stamp Catologue. Those children stamps are just gorgeous, they remind me of the artwork of Jessie Wilcox Smith, she did the most gorgeous paintings of children. And who wouldn't fall in love with that dog, I didn't realise he was a Dalmation till I inked him up, and he's got a wonderful expression.
So there you have it, my truly wonderful gift from an exceptionally talented and generous lady. By the way did you see all the links to her blog? Just a small hint :o)
Take care, keep smiling and don't forget to Blog hop, you don't know what you might be missing out there.

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Raisa said...

there's that lovely "thing" LOL I mean the tea bag folder. I'm waiting for the tutorial so maybe, I'll steal her idea too :)