Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Fathers' Day

Well I wasn't going to show this box as it isn't that good but as I haven't posted anything for a while and I haven't done any crafting as such I thought "why not". So here is the box I made to put my Dads' Fathers Day card in ...

By the way my Dads' name ISN'T R. Bear and we DON'T live in Nutwood, that's Rupert's name and address :o) Anyway I was having trouble thinking of how to decorate the box, so I finally decided to do it like my favourite way of wrapping presents, brown paper and string. The "postage stamps" pictures I found on the internet and I wrote the name and address with a dip pen and ink as I wanted the writing to look like that old style of writing which wasn't to hard to do as I can't write with any type of ink pen so it turned out scrawly as intended and the string used was gardening string as it's a bit thinner than the usual parcel string. So there you go, not very exciting but I think my Dad will like it. Have a lovely Sunday.
Take care & keep smiling

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theneon said...

Nice job and a clever way to give a card. I am sure you Dad loved it!