Thursday, 16 July 2009

Raisa and the reluctant Reindeer :o)

ROFL, I just HAD to show you this. Raisa my Finnish friend has been off on holiday in Lapland. When she said she was going I told her to stroke a Reindeer for me, LOL, and this is as close as she got. She says in her blog she had to chase after it to get the picture, doesn't that just conjure up a comical scene in your head like one of those slapstick silent movie chases :O)


Raisa said...

Maybe he wasn't really afraid of me, maybe he was just shy...
By the way, I got some wondering blinks from the passing people while running after him, maybe they thought I was going to catch him with my bare hands and camera strap...LOL

Wildärtan said...

Oh Ann, I live in Lapland and see those way to much. Would you like come visit and see one for yourself?? ;-)

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Great picture!

Hi Ann,
please check your emails, I email you about your question to my stamps.
You have made so many beautiful things in the last time!!
Hugs Anja

Els G. said...

Roflol, I'm now picturing Raisa chasing a Reindeer with her camera just to get a decent picture for you. Wish I could have seen this happening, must be the funniest slapstick ver, lol. :-)